• invisible
  • bonded on the inner surface of the teeth
  • excellent tooth control
  • recommended for complex cases
  • does not affect the speech

It is the invisible appliance that moves the teeth best and the only one that is completely invisible. Mechanically, it is the most complex appliance to work with. It does not count with the automatisms present in the conventional orthodontic appliances. Therefore the knowledge about the technique and the acquired clinical experience after treating a lot of patients are fundamental to obtain the desired results.


  • the teeth are individually cut out of the patients cast and placed ideally according to the previously established treatment plan
  • then the brackets are custom made for each tooth
  • finally each bracket is placed on the original patient’s cast to fabricate a transfer tray to bond them indirectly on each dental arch
  • the orthodontic wires are also custom made for each case by a bending robot

By 2011 JanerOrtodoncia was already the office with the highest number of lingual treatments in Spain.

Together with the partners of the Group Ortodoncis, JanerOrtodoncia introduced the Lingual System Incognito in Spain in 2005. It means a radical headway in comparison to the rest of the lingual brackets used so far allowing to ensure a final dental result of higher quality. Learn more about Lingual Orthodontics.

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